About us

Andy Ryall moved out of London in 2005, where he ran his successful Sash Window and Door Company from premises on Liverpool Road in Islington. Finding the stress of travelling across the city both grinding and relentless and wanting to take things easier, he found premises in Norwich and embarked on offering to Norwich customers the same levels of quality service of sash windows and doors that he had been offering Londoners for almost two decades.

For Andy, the move worked well and the business is well on the road to being similarly established in the Norwich area. Andy currently employs four full time staff, with the intention to increase numbers in the near future. He's an astute man with a mission and he loathes the UPVC eyesores that have mushroomed over the last decade or so. He's equally dismissive of the approach of the average window salesmen which is, when called out to a job, to persuade the customer to have a completely new window fitted, even if an existing window could be restored at a fraction of the price.

The Sash Window and Door Company offer a wide range of made-to-measure services, one of the most favourite being a draught proofing facility. Professional draught proofing - Andy points out - will become more and more popular now that Home Information Packs (HIP's) have come into force. In Victorian properties with typically ill-fitting old sash windows, draught insulation can be every bit as efficient in energy rating stakes as loft insulation and will soon be a standard part of building surveys. Andy's suggestion is to do the work sooner rather than later. Blocking out draughts and breezes makes a home more comfortable, as well as increasing the value of a property. Why not enjoy the benefits of a warmer, cosier house for the years in which you're living in it, than the few months before you sell!

The Sash Window Company

Established for almost 20 years, The Sash Window and Door Company Limited originally started in Highbury and Islington, North London and is now based in Norwich. We pride ourselves on years of experience and understanding on preserving original features in period homes. We have worked on many Victorian and Georgian properties in and around the North and East of London, covering areas such as Angel Islington, Stoke Newington, Highbury and Crouch End to name just a few.

In 2006 The Sash Window and Door Company Limited opened a new branch in Norwich.

In doing this we have noticed a huge gap in the market for Sash window repairs, as Norwich and Norfolk boasts in abundance a large selection of period properties in need of bringing back to life to resemble their original, stunning state. We realise that residents of Norwich are keen to retain the character and charm of the original Sash windows in their homes and that most period properties sell at a much higher price if most, or all, the original features are in still intact. However, we also realise the needs of modern living and can assist in making your home draft-free and secure, using the same mechanisms, ie cords and weights, that the original sash windows used or, if preferred, a more modern mechanism, as in spiral balances.

The Sash Window and Door Company Limited have an experienced team of craftsmen who specialise in sash window renovations, balancing, cord renewal, repair and replacement, rotten timber, beading, draught proofing and security on both new and old windows and doors.