Windows - New and replacement

The Sash Windows Company are specialists in repair, refurbishment & renewal of traditional sliding sash and casement windows. We also provide new windows in the style that you want and that suits your property.

We value the details of traditional design and advise on the retention of your original windows wherever possible.

We have installed double and single glazed sashes, we have also replaced spiral balances and springs.

We offer treatment of decayed timber, repair of crumbling putty and replacement of cracked panes.

Double Glazing

If you are considering window replacement, under building regulations, you are required to replace any existing windows with a double glazed window unless the property is listed.

Double glazing will save energy, thus saving money on fuel costs, as well as reducing your carbon footprint. It will also make your home a more comfortable place to live.

We have always made our windows, sash or otherwise, to still look traditional, giving your property that period, or indeed contemporary look if you so wish. All of our windows are draught proofed and guaranteed for five years.

Recent surveys confirm that new double glazed windows would increase the value of your home.

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Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is a cheaper alternative to double glazing. If your windows are in good condition and only require a small amount of renovation, why dispose of perfectly good windows!

There are two main types of secondary glazing, sliding panels or spiral balance assisted (see spiral balances). Both are very effective, especially against condensation.

Secondary glazing adds a second sheet of glass to a window frame, allowing you to retain original windows without making damaging alterations. The Glasgow tests found that it cut heat loss by around 60% and if it’s designed well, it can even be reversible.

Double glazing, on the other hand, invariably means losing the original windows. This can be highly damaging to the character of your home, particularly if replacement windows no longer follow the original window pattern. If your home is listed English Heritage is likely to oppose the removal or alteration of significant windows because it destroys their historic character.

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Spiral Sash Balances

Certain modern sash windows use a spiral/sash spring mechanism rather than the traditional sash cords.

Each window has to be individually measured so that the weight can be calculated correctly. We have experienced tradesmen that can fit any type of spiral balance.

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Before and after shots of recent work

Splice repairs - How we do splice repairs?

We remove any decayed timber, so that the sound timber is retained. Then depending on what type of repair is being carried out, we will repair by splicing new timber, cut to size ready for the epoxy resin to be appliednto the timber splice and the sash window timber.

The splice is held in place and any excess resin removed.

Then the repair is checked for alignment any irregularities on the surface of the timber.

When the repair has settled, the surrounding areas are sanded in preparation of the application of primer, in turn the preparation for finishing with painting.