Draught Proofing

If you can feel cold air coming in around your windows in your home it means warm air is escaping and cold air is coming in, therefore your heating is struggling to reheat cold air.

If you can hear your windows rattling, this also means that warm air is escaping, and/or cold air is coming in through gaps around the window.

The benefits of draught proofing include:

Our draught proofing system is virtually invisible, but very effective. By sealing the gaps that surround a window almost all cold air and draughts can be removed.

External doors can also be a problem and are dealt with in very much the same way with our ‘All Round Brush System’.

Sash windows are disappearing at an alarming rate. Twenty years ago it was the PVCU double-glazing companies that were dominating the market, but nowadays, sash windows can be draught proofed very effectively. In general, there are generic assumptions about the inefficiency of old windows.

Most of us agree that windows are important to historic buildings. After all, the front windows of a building are often the first feature to catch the eye.

Sash windows have been used for over 250 years and although PVCU has taken quite a hold, fortunately we have an alternative. Draught proofing and repairs can be carried out with very good results and can give far better pay back than the replacement glazing.

To draught proof a sash window we must consider the condition of the sashes and frame. The frame and sashes would be serviced which involves:

(All exposed timber is treated with a timber preservative; all new timber is knotted and primed, as is any bare timber to the window).

To complete the job we can supply and fit:

To conclude, draught proofing will make your home more comfortable, quieter and more energy efficient at a very low cost compared to new double glazed windows or secondary glazing.

Shown right - Draught proofing sequence showing white strips, which are brushes used to draughtproof.


Poorly fitting window frames can be extremely draughty and can become warped but correctly repaired sash window frames will greatly reduce the amount of heat lost. 

Insulating proofing strips and specific weather strip material for sash windows, can greatly reduce draughts and also enable easier movement and resistance to air and water.

Insulating and weather proofing of sash windows can make a significant contribution to energy efficiency and save you money in the long term.

Energy Saving

Draught proofing is one of the best and least intrusive ways of reducing heat loss and saving energy with little or no change to a buildings appearance.

It can also help with noise reduction and dust ingress.

Doors and loft hatches can also let in the cold air, so don't forget to draught proof these too !

If your property is listed, it is always a good idea to check with your local building control or conservation officer before carrying out any work.
(We would always do this for you as part of our service to you.)

When draught proofing is carried out it will stop people feeling cold.

Of course, this usually leads to the heating being turned up and with the rising cost of fuels, draught proofing will ultimately save you money - and make you and your home more comfortable!